Morningsun X hahalab Dalian Vientiane Store | “Little Forest” in spring


When it comes toromantic and sweet themes, these are the words that must come to mind: spring, flowers, lovers, food …..


When everything is coming back to life, it’s a great way to spend time with friends, order a meal at a restaurant and enjoy a quiet spring day.

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There are always surprises to be found when you get out more.

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Those who are familiar with the brand have already know that “hahalab” has landed in Mixc One and opened a new chapter for the brand.

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The shop is decorated with flowers and greenery, which brings life and vitality to the shop while blocking out the hustle and bustle.

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As soon as you enter, you can see the simple,comfortable and fresh decor. The sun shines through the glass windows of the Rumba chairs and Kun chairs, which are original designs from the MORNING SUN.

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The Rumba chair strikes a balance between modernity and tradition. The 14 mm diameter legs and 13 mm diameter back support give the entire product a solid structure. The soft, full and slightly reclined backrest cradles you in its embrace. Bronze, chrome and matt black are the usual colors for the metallic legs and the cushion and backrest are available in a variety of PU leather and fabric options. The detachable construction also saves transport space. Rumba chairs are available as dining chairs and lounge chairs, which is ideal for restaurants, small dining rooms, stylish office spaces and more.

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Inspired by the famous Chandigarh chair, theKun chair is a tribute to the Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret. The metal feet with hand-woven rattan are cool and comfortable, and the seat feels slightly elastic and skin-friendly. With multiple hand polishing, the chair has rounded and comfortable corners. The backward leaning slope allows the body to be more relaxed and provides a sense of total security. Kun chair is suitable for restaurants, cafes and other venues.

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For 15 years, the Chinese original furniture brand MORNING SUN has maintained its own unique “industrial style” in furniture design, research and development and production, emphasizing “elegance” and “simplicity” in product design.

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MORNING SUN’s owners have their own understanding and passion for furniture. From dining chairs, bar chairs, lounge chairs, sofas and coffee tables to dining tables, sideboards and TV cabinets, each furniture has a solid, tough and hard-edged look to it.

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MORNING SUN breaks the traditional single-mindedness of furniture by bringing metal, solid wood and upholstery together, making its products not only ornamental, but also practical and comfortable, which is suitable for restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, offices and other commercial public spaces.

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If the Pavilion shop is a “city restaurant”, then the Mixc One shop is a “nature” in the city for you. MORNING SUN’s simple and premium style with garden-themed elements is a vibrant and aspirational way to bring a small forest into the restaurant. The restaurant is located in the middle of a garden, which can disperse the emo and awaken the taste buds and good mood at the same time.


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At “hahalab”, every dish is a comfort to the taste buds and every cup of tea is a hug after a tiring day. Even the most mundane days are beautiful where there is a MORNING SUN.

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Post time: Mar-07-2023

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