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Design is born from life and brings pleasure to the senses. A perfect design is not one in which there is nothing more to add, but rather one in which there is no bit of excess to eliminate.


Only the designer’s ultimate pursuit of quality and detail can make Morning Sun products give full play to the characteristics of the material and bring people the most relex and comfortable enjoyment.


Zeno is a collection of armchairs and coffee tables.

The signature element is the gold studs that support the entire structure, creating a contrast between the richly stretched fabric and the thin lines of the ties, which is like a cushion suspended from a cloud by two golden iron tubes. The overall frame is made of iron, which is slim but has a maximal load-bearing capacity.


The Zeno armchair is also highly sculptural, with an architecturally beautiful metal structure accommodating the sharp lines of the backrest. A sophisticated stylistic contrast between the bold exterior lines and the comfortable, soft seat cushion ensures maximum comfort, with the seat cushion available in a choice of materials depending on preference.


Morning Sun’s philosophy of combining industrial production with artisanal craftsmanship has always been present in the Zeno armchair, which is made from hand-rolled leather cord, specially braided by artisans. The thin leather cord is hand-wrapped around the metal armrests, giving the Zeno a natural Mid centry morden vision. The armrests are plated and polished, without the use of a single screw or nail, which bring the armchair a truly free-form appearance, with a smooth and elegant look and tight lines.


People prefer to relax in an armchair after a busy day and enjoy a coffee and a book. Morning Sun has always insisted that design should combine aesthetics and practicality to create furniture that are unique in style, supreme in comfort and exceptional in experienceZeno sits in front of a window where light and shadow change with the flow of time.


Of course, the Zeno armchair is not only “beautiful on its own”, it can also be combined with a wide range of furniture. The most important advantage for small homes is that it is space-saving and can be easily re-positioned. With a side table, coffee table or dining table, it can be used for easy dining, relaxing or working.


Tea table is not overly ornate, but it has a premium quality. The exquisite materials and craftsmanship give it the qualities that make it stand out in the space. Inspired by classic furniture design concepts, the lightness of the brass metal structure contrasts with the solidity of the heat-treated oak, giving it a light and floating feel and a contemporary design character.


The Zeno has an overall soft and elegant colour . Black, grey and brown are the three main classic colors used in industrial style furniture, which can be adapted to different living scenarios Whether it’s a lazy evening alone, or a conversation with a friend, the Zeno collection’s subtle light gives the light the aroma of a latte. It acts as an accent, enriching the space, but also blends perfectly with the overall layout, creating an elegant and warmth atmosphere together.

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Morning Sun blends tradition and technology to the last detail to create the stunning Zeno armchair collection, which continues and recreates the lifestyle of the brand.

Post time: Mar-09-2023

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