10 classic chairs to conquer the world

Someone had asked a home designer: which one would you change if you would like to change the atmosphere of the room by only change one furnishing? The designer answer: chairs

Panton Chair,1960

Designer | Verner Panton

The Panton Chair is the most famous design of Verner Panton, the most influential Danish designer, who likes to experiment with colors and materials. Inspired by stacked plastic buckets, this Danish chair, created in 1960, is the world's first plastic chair made in one piece. From conception, design, research and development, to mass production, it took nearly 12 years, extremely subversive.

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The greatness of Panton lies on the fact that he thought of using the characteristics of plastic material, which is elastic and malleable. Therefore, Panton chair does not need to be assembled like other chairs, and the whole chair is just a part, all of which are made of the same material. This also symbolizes that the design of chair has entered a new stage. The rich colors and beautiful streamline shape design make the whole chair look simple but not simple, therefore, Panton chair also has the reputation of "the most sexy single chair in the world".

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Panton chair owns a fashion and generous appearance, and a kind of fluency and decent line of beauty, its comfortable and elegant shape matches human body very well, all these make Panton chair successfully became a revolutionary breakthrough in the history of modern furniture.

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Dedicated to challenging the tradition, Panton always excavates new materials and techniques. Mr. Panton's works are rich in colors, fantastic shapes and full of sense of futurism, and have a far-reaching foresight in creativity, shape and color application. Therefore, he is also known as "the most creative designer in the 20th century".

Bombo Stool

Designer | Stefano Giovannoni

Some people say that Giovannoni's design has a kind of enchanted attraction, his designs are all over the world, can be seen everywhere, and is penetrating, changing people's lives, thus, he is known as the "Italian national treasure designer".

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Bombo Chair is one of his most widely known works, so popular so that it has been copied in the whole world. Dynamic and rounded lines, the cocktail glass shape, vivid features are still fresh memories in people’s mind. Stefano Giovannoni also practices his own design philosophy: "products are the memories of emotions and life".

Giovannoni believes that the real design is touching to the heart, it should be able to express feelings, recall memories and give surprises to people. A designer must express his spiritual world through his works, and I have been trying to communicate with this world through my designs.

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"The desires and demands of consumers are the parents of our design inspiration".

"My value is not just giving the world a great chair or an amazing fruit bowl, but giving customers a chewing over life worth on a great chair."

—— Giovannoni

Barcelona Chair,1929

Designer | Mies van der Rohe

It was created by the German designer Mies van der Rohe. Mies van der Rohe was the third president of the Bauhaus, and the famous saying in design circles "Less is more" was said by him.

This oversized chair also clearly conveys a noble and dignified status. The German Pavilion at the World Expo was Mies' representative work, but due to the unique design conception of building, there were no suitable furniture to match it, so, he had to specially design the Barcelona Chair to welcome the King and Queen.

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It is supported by an arc cross shaped stainless steel frame, and two rectangular leather pads form the surface of the seat (cushion) and the back. The design of this Barcelona chair caused a sensation at that time, and its status was similar to a conception product.

Since it is designed for the Royal family, the comfort level is extremely good. The lattice real leather cushion is specially made of handmade goat leather covered on a high-density foam, which makes it form a strong contrast compared with the foot part of the chair, and makes Barcelona chair more solemn and elegant and become a symbol of status and dignity. So, it was known as the Rolex and Rolls-Royce among the chairs in the 20th century.

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Louis Ghost Chair, 2002

Designer | Phillippe Starck

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Philippe Starck, who started out designing for the interiors of Paris nightclubs, and became popular for furniture and decoration made of clear plastic called Lucite.

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The combination of this classical shape and modern transparent materials allows the ghost chair to be integrated into any design style, just like the crystal pyramid in front of the Louvre, which telling the history and shining the light of this era.

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In February 2018, the Louis Ghost Chair became “Queen’s Chair” of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom at London Fashion Week.

Diamond Chair, 1952

Designer | Harry Bertoia

Created by the sculptor Harry Bertoia, it is well known as Diamond Chair. And it is not only shaped like a diamond, but also like a diamond to reach the achievement of "one Chair last forever", it has been a bestseller in the passed half century time, never out of date. Therefore, it is well known as "elegant sculpture" by people.

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the production process photos of the Diamond chair

The structure seems very natural and smooth, but the production is extremely tedious. Each metal stripe is connected by hand, and then welding one by one so as to reach the effects of fluency and stability.

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To many collectors who love it, the Diamond Chair is not only a chair, but also a decorative prop in the home. It is welded from a metal mesh, and has a strong sense of sculpture. The hollow design makes it like the air and perfectly integrated into the space. It is a perfect art work.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman,1956

Designer | Charles Eames

The Eames lounge chair was originated from the research of molded plywood by Eames couples, and it was also in order to meet the common demand of high-end lounge chairs in people’s living room.

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The Eames lounge chair was listed into one of the Best Designs in the World in 2003, and at ICFF in 2006, it’s also an eye-catching and glittering product, and win Academy Award and became the birthday present of the famous film director Billy Wilder. It is also the home throne of our domestic superstar Jay Chou, and it's also a furniture in the villa of the national husband Wang Sicong.

Butterfly Stool, 1954

Designer | Sori Yanagi

Butterfly Stool was designed by the Japanese industrial design master Sori Yanagi in 1956.

This design is one of Sori Yanagi's most successful works. It is a symbol of Japanese modern industrial products, but also a representative design of Eastern and Western cultures’ fusing.

A Butterfly stool that represents Japan. Since its release in 1956, it has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad, and it has been a permanent collection by MOMA in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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Mr. Sori met Mr. Kanzaburo at a woodworking institute in Sendai at the time and began researching of the molding plywood. This place now is the predecessor of Tiantong woodworking.

The designer combined functionalism and traditional handicraft in this molded plywood Butterfly Stool, it is really unique. It does not adopt any Western style, and the emphasis on wood grain reflects the traditional Japanese preference on natural materials.

In 1957, Butterfly stool won the famous "Golden Compass" award in Milan Triennial Design Competition, which is the earliest Japanese industrial product design in the international design field.

Tiantong woodworking introduced plywood forming processing technology to cut wood into thin slices. The technology of grinding tool pressure and hot forming was a very leading edge industrial technology at that time, which greatly improved the characteristics of wood and the development of furniture forms.

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Fixed by the three contacts of the brass bracket, and the exquisite and simple technique expresses the Oriental minimalist aesthetics incisively and vividly, and conveys the effect of lightness, elegance and chic like a butterfly, which breaks the previous inherent furniture construction system.

3-Legged Shell Chair, 1963

Designer | Hans J·Wegner

Wegner said: "It is enough to design one good chair in one’s lifetime... But it's really too hard". But it was his insistence on making a perfect chair that led him to devote his whole life to design chairs and accumulate more than 500 works.

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These 2 rule-breaking ways by the removal of armrests and extension of the chair surface provide a wider space for a variety of comfortable sitting. The two slightly warped ends will be deeply embraced people in it and giving people a great sense of security on the heart.

This classic Shell chair did not happen overnight. When it was presented at the Copenhagen Furniture Fair in 1963, it received good reviews but no purchasing order so as the production was stopped some time after the presentation. Until 1997, with the progress of technology, new factories and new technology can control the production cost very well, this Shell chair appeared in people’s eyes again, and it won a lot of design awards and customers.

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This product designed by Wegner who utilized the advantages of plywood to the extreme, only use three components, thus, it was name "three-legged shell chair". The processing of wood by steam-pressurizing to give the seat a beautiful curve that looks like a smile.

The three-legged shell chair is nicknamed "Smile Chair" because of its beautiful curve surface, which like a warm smile. Its smiling face shows a unique three-dimensional curved effect, like a light and smooth wing suspending in the air. This shell chair has rich colors, and its elegant curves make it 360° without dead corners.

Egg Chair, 1958

Designer | Arne Jacobsen

This Egg chair, which appears frequently in various leisure places, is the masterpiece of Danish furniture design master — Jacobsen. This Egg chair is inspired by the uterus chair, but the wrapping strength is not so strong as the uterus chair and is relatively more spacious.

Created in 1958 for the lobby and reception area of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, this Egg chair is a representative work of Danish furniture design now. Like the uterus chair, this Egg chair is an ideal chair for relaxing. And it’s also very chic and beautiful while it is used for decoration.

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Swan Chair, 1958

Designer | Arne Jacobsen

Swan Chair is a classic furniture designed by Jacobson for the Royal Hotel of Scandinavian Airlines in the center of Copenhagen in late 1950s. Jacobson's design has a strong sculptural form and organic modeling language, it combines the free and smooth sculptural shaping and the traditional characteristics of Nordic design and makes the work own both features of extraordinary texture and complete structure.

Such a classic design still has a remarkable charm today. Swan chair is the embodiment of fashionable life conception and taste.

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