Beijing project

This is one of MORNINBG SUN commercial restaurant furniture projects in Beijing 

This project mainly consists of our Alpha chair and a simple commercial plywood chair,

Alpha (άλφα) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It is a simple symbol, a

beginning. The shape of the stylish metal body is inspired by the λLambda

(L in Greek). The Greek alphabet reveals several letters which express

ingenuity and a visual simplicity.

This cafe chair is an abstract result of the mix of Greek alphabet letters. Depending

on the angle we use to look at the chair, we might discover some more

abstract vocabulary, letters, or symbols.

Another playwood commercial chair-Anne chairLightweight shape with inverted v-shaped metal feetmake it look simple but elegent. Plus the function of the folding, very easy to save spaceit is also helpful for the Daily Maintenance and finishing of the restaurant.

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